Feb 5, 2022

 (Wausau, WI)- Join us for the Wiener Dog Races presented by SC Swiderski on Saturday, February 5th at 7:10 p.m. Don’t miss this exciting night at Marathon Park Ice Arena!

Reserve your seats today at wausaucyclones.com.



Races are full

Wiener Dog Racing Rules & Regulations

1. Participating canines must be real dachshunds. There are no weight restrictions.

2. Each dachshund race will start at the goal line and finish at the opposite blue line.

3. Each participating dachshund will need to bring two (2) humans. Humans must be able to
carry and/or catch the dog.

4. One human will carry the racer to the starting line and the canine. The other human will
stand at the finish line and catch the racing canine.

5. Each dog entry receives two complimentary tickets to the game.

6. Cyclones Hockey staff member will reach out upon receiving your entry form with additional details and answer any questions.