Mar 12, 2018


Person that has been the biggest influence on your hockey career?

My Father.


Where is your favorite place to eat in the Wausau area?

The Blue Willow


What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I model back home for Calvin Klein and Macy’s and played JUCO football and hold a record for most passing touchdowns in a game.


What is your favorite NHL team?

Tampa Bay Lighting


What is your favorite hockey movie?

Mystery Alaska


What have you enjoyed about Wausau?

Marathon Park Ice Arena


What are your future ambitions for your hockey career?

None, I want to Model!


Who is the biggest jokester on the team?

Michael Alfonso


Growing up who was your all-time favorite hockey player?

Steve Yzerman


What would you like to do as a profession if hockey doesn’t work out?